The Resource Center of the Livermore Valley Camera Club was designed to give members access to information and tools to assist them in improving their art. Here you’ll find articles written by, or of interest to members, as well as a listing of books and tools available for lending through the club’s library program and more.


One of the purposes of the camera club is to help you improve your images. Current members will personally assist you to improve your photos. We also offer classes as fundraisers through the Livermore Area Recreation and Park District. Many of our members are "graduates" from these classes, since it is an excellent way to get our photographic feet wet.

Here are the classes we’re offering in 2017. For more information please contact the Education Coordinator

Photography Fundamentals

Thursdays starting January 19 through March 2, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Saturdays, January 30 and February 20
Robert Livermore Community Center (RLCC), 4444 East Ave, Livermore (map)
Fee: $78
Coordinator: Barbara Mallon

This photography course is designed to make big improvements in your photos! We will uncover the mystery of light, composition, f-stops and shutter speeds. We’ll show how to take different types of photos and use different lenses.

The purpose of this class is to show owners of all digital cameras and 35mm SLR film cameras how to take excellent photographs. Smaller cameras are welcome but will miss a few techniques. We will project digital images because it is easier to share pictures using a projector. Please bring your digital images to share on a flash drive or a cd. Please share your photos, as your ability will improve with class participation. We will comment on your work and suggest ways to improve it.

There will be seven Thursday evening meetings at RLCC (all classes will meet in The Sycamore Room from 7-9 PM) and two Saturday field trips.
Class Schedule (PDF)

Registration: Livermore Area Recreation and Park District

Introduction to High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography

Thursday, March 16, 7:30pm - 9:00pm
Robert Livermore Community Center (RLCC), 4444 East Ave, Livermore (map)
Fee: $30
Instructor: Michael Fredrich

Designed for photographers who want to explore High Dynamic Range imaging, HDR. The HDR technique produces images where both shadow and highlight details are preserved to a degree not possible with standard photography. If you are new to HDR, or feel you need to better understand it, this class for you. The capture and processing of HDR images will be discussed and demonstrated. You will receive guidance on, and examples of, HDR software, processing options, and computer workflow for HDR.

Registration: Livermore Area Recreation and Park District


The following articles make use of Adobe’s PDF format. If you do not currently have a copy of Adobe Reader, you may download a free copy by clicking on the logo below.

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Canon Camera Hacking for HDR – 376K PDF
by Garry George

Enhanced Virtual HDR Workflow for Adobe Lightroom 3 – 272K PDF
by Garry George

Milkweed and Monarchs – 631K PDF
From the April 2017 issue of the Valley Wilds
(A publication of the LARPD Open Space Unit)
by Polly Krauter

Lens Choice: How Changing Your Focal Length Affects Your Look
by Laura Morita
Laura Morita is a former member of LVCC, and we are so proud that she is sharing her creativity on Canon's site.

The Innovative Image: Making extraordinary compositions from ordinary subjects – Kindle Edition
by Joseph Hearst
Joe Hearst has published a Kindle book with seven of his PSA Journal articles and many extra images.

A Visit to the Lubéron – 10.7M PDF
From the October 2012 issue of the PSA Journal
by Joseph Hearst
© Copyright 2012 Photographic Society of America, Inc.

An Inside Look at Fort Point – 1.3M PDF
From the July 2012 issue of the PSA Journal
by Joseph Hearst
© Copyright 2012 Photographic Society of America, Inc.

Reflecting on Reflections – 1.3M PDF
From the November 2011 issue of the PSA Journal
by Joseph Hearst
© Copyright 2011 Photographic Society of America, Inc.

Harbor Details are Fun – 1.7M PDF
From the September 2010 issue of the PSA Journal
by Joseph Hearst
© Copyright 2010 Photographic Society of America, Inc.

Concrete Abstracts – 1.0M PDF
From the April 2009 issue of the PSA Journal
by Joseph Hearst
© Copyright 2009 Photographic Society of America, Inc.

A Different Kind of Street Photography – 1.7M PDF
From the August 2008 issue of the PSA Journal
by Joseph Hearst
© Copyright 2008 Photographic Society of America, Inc.

Don’t Miss Guanajuato – 1.0M PDF
From the March 2008 issue of the PSA Journal
by Joseph Hearst
© Copyright 2008 Photographic Society of America, Inc.

Portfolio from a Single Seashell – 1.1M PDF
From the May 2007 issue of the PSA Journal
by Joseph Hearst
© Copyright 2007 Photographic Society of America, Inc.

Junk Cars Are Fun – 1.5M PDF
From the July 2006 issue of the PSA Journal
by Joseph Hearst
© Copyright 2006 Photographic Society of America, Inc.

Digital Photography on the Fly, While Hiking in Switzerland – 1.06M PDF
From the June 2006 issue of the PSA Journal
by Barbara Mallon
© Copyright 2006 Photographic Society of America, Inc.

Photographing Point Lobos – 508K PDF
From the January 2006 issue of the PSA Journal
by Joseph Hearst
© Copyright 2006 Photographic Society of America, Inc.

Titling Your Images for Competition – 41K PDF
Adapted from "Entering Images Into Competition - Definitions & Titling"
by Ellie Webster & Claudia Bodmer

Guide to Critiquing Your Own Work – 106K PDF
by Lon Overacker

Composition Checklist – 58K PDF
by Lon Overacker

Opinion: What’s Good and Bad About LVCC – 52K PDF
by Eric Ahrendt

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Lending Library

The club has a library of photography-related books, videos and other materials to help you learn from the experts and improve your images.

To request an item, email the club librarian. The club librarian will bring the requested item to the next scheduled meeting.


Club members in good standing may borrow library materials for a period of one month.

If library material is lost or stolen, it is the responsibility of the borrower to replace it.

Last updated May 2012


Photographing Nature:A photo workshop from Brooks Institute's top nature photography instructor
Author: Ralph Clevenger BK001

Zen and the Magic of Photography:
Learning to See and to Be through Photography
Author: Wayne Rowe BK003

Real World Digital Photography
Author: Tim Grey, Sean Duggan, Katrin Eismann BK005

The Ultimate Workshop Adobe Photoshop CS5 for Photographers
Author: Uwe Steinmueller BK007

Speedliter's Handbook:
Learning to Craft Light with Canon Speedlites
Author: Syl Arena BK008

Art of Black and White Photography:
Techniques for Creating Superb Images in a Digital Workflow
Author: Torsten Hoffmann BK010

Mastering Landscape Photography:
The Luminous Landscape Essays
Author: Alain Briot BK011

From Snapshots to Great Shots
Author: Laurie Excell, John Batdorff, et. al. BK012

Professional Portrait Retouching Techniques for Photographers Using Photoshop
Author: Scott Kelby BK013

Color Management in Digital Photography:
Ten Easy Steps to True Colors in Photoshop
Author: Brad Hinkel BK014

Chasing the Light:
Improving Your Photography with Available Light
Author: Ibarionex Perello BK015

John Shaw's Focus on Nature
Author: John Shaw BK016

Guide to Photographing California
Author: Al Guitera BK017

Photoshop Masking and Composition
Author: Katrin Eismann BK018

John Shaw's Landscape Photography
Author: John Shaw Bk019

Image Designing Effective Pictures
Author: Michael Freeman BK020

Fine Art Printing For Photographers
Author: Uwe Steinmueller BK021

Creative Nature and Outdoor Photography
Author: Brenda Tharp BK022

The Art of Photography
Author: Bruce Barnbaum BK023

Mastering Digital Printing
Author: Harald Johnson BK025

The Handbook of Bird Photography
Author: Markus Varesvuo BK026

Color Confidence The Digital Photographers Guide to Color Management
Author: Tim Grey BK028

Minimalist Lighting
Author: Kirk Tuck BK029

How to Read a Photograph
Author: Ian Jeffrey BK030

Lighting Notebook
Author: Kevin Kubota BK031

Wedding Photography
Author: Rick Ferro BK032

Creative Techniques for Color Photography
Author: Bobbi Lane BK033

Photoshop CS5 Restoration and Retouching
Author: Mark Fitzgerald BK034

The Lighting Cookbook for Fashion and Beauty Photograpy
Author: Jenni Bidner and Eric Ben BK035

Posing for Portrait Photography
Author: Jeff Smith BK036

The Portrait Photographer's Guide to Posing
Author: Bill Hurter BK037

Professional Secrets of Wedding Photography
Author: Douglas Box BK038

Master Posing Guide for Portrait Photographers
Author: J.D. Wacker BK039

Creative Canine Photography
Author: Larry Allan BK040

Master Lighting Guide for Portrait Photographers
Author: Christopher Grey BK041

Beginner's Guide to Photographic Lighting
Author: Don Marr BK042

Perception and Lighting a way of Seeing
Author: Richard Zakia BK043

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 for Digital Photographers
Author: Martin Evening BK044

The Traveling Photographer
Author: Sandra Petrovitz BK045

Vision and Art: The Biology of Seeing
Author: Margeret Livingston BK046


Digital Sports Photography
(How to Take Great Action Photos)
Author: Vortex Media DVD001

Digital Portraiture Basics
Author: Will Crockett DVD002

Digital Portraiture Lighting
Author: Will Crockett DVD003

Digital On Camera Flash
Author: Will Crockett DVD004

Portrait Lighting Techniques
Author: Bobbi Lane DVD005

Commentaries on Art and Photography
Author: Brooks Jensen DVD006

Commentaries on Art and Photography 2
Author: Brooks Jensen DVD007

Photoshop Field Guide 2004
Author: John Shaw DVD008

Birds of Bosque 2005
Author: Steve Traudt DVD009

Field Reference Guide and Seminar Program 2005
Author: Steve Traudt DVD010

Software / Hardware

GretagMacbeth Eye-One Display TOOLS501
Hardware measuring device, with software, to calibrate the color of the computer’s monitor.
Note: Please also contact the projected image chairperson to schedule a loan of this item.